Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read The Below:

Why should I hire a Bartender for my event?

  1. Hiring a bartender takes the stress off of you and your guests scrambling to pour your own drinx, but most importantly, a Bartender will make sure everyone is served responsibly. You wouldn’t want the bartender to cook the food for your event, so why hire a caterer to pour your drinx?

How do I book Bdrinx?

  1. Check out my calendar to see if I’m available for your event date, then send over the quote request form. A $50 non-refundable, but transferable, fee is required to lock in your date. Final payment is due the Friday, a week prior to your event. If your event date is a week within your requested quote, full payment is required at the time of booking.

What should I put in the quote request form?

  1. It’s important to provide as much information as possible on your quote request. (Guest count, time duration, mobile bar, Drinx Package, etc.) It eliminates the back and forth, and rate misunderstanding.

What is the ‘Drinx Package’?

  1. For an additional $50, I can provide ice, cups, napkins, straws, garnishes, and all mixers needed to pour your favorite cocktails.

Will Bdrinx provide the alcohol?

  1. I cannot provide the alcohol for your event, as this is illegal. I do not have a Liquor License.

What’s the difference between a Bartending License and a Liquor License?

  1. A bartending license gives me the opportunity to bartend at events where the liquor is provided by the host, or licensed caterer. A Liquor License allows caterers and carriers to legally provide alcohol.

Do I have to have a Liquor License for my party?

  1. If you’re giving the alcohol away (open bar) you’re able to legally provide alcohol to your guests. You’re not able to sell the drinx, or have a cover charge. Since alcohol is involved, TABC sees this as ‘selling alcohol.’ The only exception, is if your venue has a contracted caterer/beverage company that they require you to purchase your alcohol through. (Ask this on your venue tour!)

Does Bdrinx have insurance?

  1. I have $1,000,000 in General/Liquor Liability. It’s my responsibility to ensure your guests have a good time, but also leave your event safely!

What is included with Bdrinx services?

  1. I’ll always arrive with my bartending tools (bottle/wine openers, shakers/strainers, pour spouts) I’ll also cap/box your liquor, and clean the area before leaving.

What if my event venue doesn’t have a bar?

  1. The $50 portable bar option is available if your event doesn’t have a bar. This includes my bartending tools, two bar-height tables, table covers, bar sign, bar caddies, garnish tray, two ice bins and ice.

How many guests can Bdrinx accomodate?

  1. I currently cannot accommodate more than 200 guests.

What is Bdrinx’ attire?

  1. My attire usually consists of either a black button up and tie, or all black/casual, depending on the type of event. A costume can be worn as well, please don’t forget to add these preferences in your quote request.

Why Bdrinx?

  1. Because I want your event to be a success as much as you do. Crafting the perfect cocktail every time is important to me, as well as entertaining your guests. You get the crafty mixologist, and the fun bartender!